Celebrity sock stories

Do you know what Britney Spears and Albert Einstein have in common?  They are both not fans of socks.  Einstein got tired of his socks developing holes and he also thought that wearing socks and shoes together were unnecessary, so he opted for shoes only.   Britney says that socks are the one article of clothing that she dreads wearing.  Who would have thought a genius and a pop star would have this in common?

George Clooney never wears the same socks twice.  Once he wears a pair of socks, read more

Sockin’ Away for the Winter

As another summer sadly winds down to a close, some people might be happy to welcome back cozy hoodies, hot cider and crisp cool weather. For some of our Amazing Socks customers, the end of summertime serves as a reminder to place early orders for a fresh batch of winter socks.


The people are planners! But ordering early means the best selection of styles, sizes and colors in the most sought after models that will really be flying out of our warehouse come November. Get your toasty warm boot socks BEFORE you truly need them. Some of the classic read more

Sock Etiquette, gentlemen this is for you…

While the following statements are my opinions and not rules per say, I hope that some of you will walk away with a pointer or two.  Your ladies and friends and family adore you no matter what, but for the sake of fashion here are a few tips. 

White socks are for sports only!      I will never understand this one.  Number 1 it doesn't match. (no, white does not go with everything!)  Number 2, you are not Michael Jackson or the Blues Brothers, so you cannot pull this off.  read more

Don’t be a stinker!!

“Did you know… Each human foot has 250,000 sweat glands and releases nearly 1 cup of moisture every day? Isn't that amazing?!! Maybe even gross…no wonder people have smelly feet. But is it really their feet that smell? Your feet don't smell when you wear sandals or go bare foot.”

Your feet only smell when they have been trapped inside a shoe all day long! Since you can’t fight your sweat glands….how can you fight that smell and make it go away? Yes, it’s an embarrassing topic but hey we’re all friends here….

Enter 2Toms Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray…..it’s a deodorizer if you will. 2Toms bravely has done plenty of research in the world of shoe odor and came out with the solution to the stench. Stink Free is specially formulated to eliminate the odor left behind by read more

Tennis Anyone?

US Open is right around the corner.  Leave to a nationally broadcasted event to drive up the tennis sock business here at Amazing Socks.  Great tennis socks are so important, probably one of the key items.  A tennis player’s feet take a lot of abuse due to the constant starting, stopping, and twisting. It is not uncommon for these athletes to have issues with their feet including heal bruises, black toe, and blisters. Any one of these ailments can stop you from performing at your best.  Professional read more

Comfort Zone

When you think of comfort, what comes to your mind?  For me, it’s a mushy bed, oversized sweatpants, a pony tail, a nice hot cup of tea, maybe even a big bear hug.  Have you ever gone to the store and simply ask for a comfortable sock?  Yes, there is such a thing and they are called just that, Comfort Socks.  Amazing Socks offers a selection of Comfort Socks to meet all your needs.  When looking for such a sock, what exactly does comfort mean to you?  Do toe seams irritate you?  Do your read more

Flock of Socks

Often we get asked by our lady customers what “fun” new socks did we get into our store. The first brand suggestion that always comes to mind first is Smartwool. Often with each changing season, a new sock line for ladies arrives with bold colors, graphics that pop and unusual patterns. Smartwool offers limited edition “SmARTwool Gallery” socks that are designed by select artists and we always quickly sell out of those styles first. Often there will be just one artist chosen per season given free read more

Socks around the clock!

Wanna have a little fun with me?  What do you say we go back in time?  Let’s take a look back at the sock trends over the years.  What's your sock age?  Here’s the type of history lesson I can appreciate! 



1950's Bobby Socks – Girls you know those little socks you wore to the sock hop!  Twirling in your poodle skirts and Mary Janes, offers these adorable ankle socks.  The Gold Toe Women's Classic Anklet will take you right back on the dance floor.   read more