Diabetic Dilemma

Dear Sally,Diabetic Thermal Crew

I’m going to try and make this as short and sweet as possible. Just last month I was told I have diabetes. On top of being diabetic I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight and have become easily bothered by the tight elastic band in my socks. My calves seem to get in the way with almost every pair of socks I put on. I hate feeling like my leg is being choked by the elastic top that I now cut off the sock. Before you know it my sock has unraveled in the wash because I had to cut out the elastic holding it together. Can you recommend some good diabetic socks that aren’t so darn tight and constricting?  


Dang My Diabetes

Dear Dang My Diabetes,

I can go on and on about several great diabetic socks for you but, I will try and list one popular style for each area (i.e athletic, casual, dress). As a expert sock adviser, I will definitely have to recommend theDiabetic Sport Crew by Wigwam Socks. This athletic styled wonder is perfectly padded and ideal for anyone looking to get active! If you’re looking for a more casual approach then, I would recommend the Diabetic Walker also by Wigwam Socks. This casual sock is thin yet, comfy and wonderful at wicking away moisture. For a dress sock I would go with this same style, It has many uses. Let me not forget some great cooler weather socks to keep you warm. There is the Wigwam Diabetic Thermal Crew, super thick and full of thermal warmth and protection. As well there is a sock by World’s Softest Sock called the Sensitive Feet Extra Wide Crew. This sock stands up to its name with its soft plush texture and non-restricting stretchy top. I hope I was able to narrow down your search for non-binding socks. All of these are ideal options for any diabetic or person needing a looser knit sock.