Diabetic Socks

For diabetic patients, normal athletic or dress socks are often no longer appropriate. Regular socks are often too constricting at the top where the elastic usually holds the sock up. Diabetic people have circulation trouble, especially in extremities like the feet, and tight elastic bands can exacerbate the problem. Many regular socks also do a poor job of wicking moisture away from the foot. Excessive moisture resting on the skin of a diabetic’s foot can cause foot ulcers and wounds that can be very difficult to heal.

American Essentials Women's American Essentials Cotton No-Elastic Top SockDiabetic socks like the American Essentials Women’s American Essentials Cotton No-Elastic Top Sock are designed to offer support to the foot by controlling the amount of moisture, which can cause foot ulcers.

The Wigwam Therapeutic socks are specially designed to keep the foot dry and healthy. Pressure causing details, such as tight elastic tops, are also eliminated. Pressure from seams or lumps in the knit can cause pain and injuries to the feet. Some diabetic socks also offer compression, which can aid circulation issues in the feet and help patients treat foot wounds and ulcers.

The Travel Sox Compression Socks
offer compression to keep down foot swelling, while looking just like a regular black dress sock

Diabetic socks used to be very plain, but now sock makers are offering them in a wide variety of styles and colors. Cotton is the most common material for these socks, but other materials are also available. Diabetic patients can now easily find socks that look the same as any normal pair of socks. It’s also easy to find socks that match any outfit, including dress socks.