Keeping Warm with Morgan Thermal Underwear

Morgan Thermal UnderwearThe bitter cold of winter stops many people from enjoying the outdoors or even feeling comfortable when they leave their homes, especially in the northern states. Piling on heavy outerwear is one way to warm up in winter, but often a simple extra layer of underwear that can provide a lot of extra warmth is overlooked.

Thermal underwear, like the line from Morgan Thermals, is a great way to add layers and beat the cold. Thermal underwear are shirts and pants made out of ribbed or waffled knit material.

The texture of the knit helps hold in heat, instead of letting it escape your body. Thermal underwear works especially well because:

  • it is worn under heavier layers, and keeps body heat trapped close to the skin.
  • It’s less bulky than another outer layer
  • doesn’t restrict movement.

Thermals are made out of a variety of natural and synthetic materials, including cotton, wool, and polypropylene.

Many people assume that natural fibers are better, but it depends on the intended use. Cotton and wool are great at insulation, but any sweat or moisture that occurs soaks into the fabric and can’t evaporate. This can cause chafing or heat rash, and can actually make you colder.

Synthetic materials are often designed to wick moisture off of the skin, allowing it to evaporate. Athletes and those doing heavy physical work in the cold may want to use thermal underwear designed to wick sweat away instead of a cotton pair that holds the moisture in.