Maximize Your Run With a Good Running Sock

As a runner, I know how it feels to have good running socks and bad running socks.

If your foot is padded with good running socks, you do not really notice your sock – which is great.

If you have to fall back on your bad running socks or worse, just basic socks in general, you will notice them but not in an enjoyable way as they could easily chaffe, slide down your ankle, not hold moisture well, etc.

  •  	 Wigwam Ultimax Running Mini Crew SockSupport: There are a few things to look for in a running sock, the most important being support. Make sure that your sock has good support such as an elasticized arch and ankle panel; this helps to reduce foot fatigue. A great choice for this is a pair of Wigwam Socks. A good one to try is the Wigwam Ultimax Running Mini Crew Sock.
  • Moisture: Also important when it comes to a sock is the amount of moisture allowed. Nobody wants to run in a wet sock as that leads to blisters. Some of the best socks for sweaty feet are Drymax socks. As stated by their namesake, they are armed with their patented Blister Guard system that deters sweating. For really hot and sweaty feet try their Drymax V3 Hot Weather Running Mini Crew.
  • Weight: Finally, make sure you get a lightweight pair of socks, as bunches of cotton in your shoe is no fun. SmartWool socks have a lightweight running sock that is perfect for those longer trails.

Most importantly, be careful when choosing your socks because we all know that a bad sock can cut down on your running enjoyment tremendously. For these socks and more visit the Amazing Socks website.