Munsingwear Underwear you are of the belief that the unseen part of your wardrobe speaks volumes of you, you can indulge your inner designer without burning a hole through your pockets.  Find a range of Perry Ellis branded Munsingwear underwear at on Amazing Socks’ website.  Products range from boxers to briefs, to under shirts in A shirt or tee-shirt styles.

Munsingwear boxers with comfort waists sit smooth under your clothes.  They come in white or blue, with snaps on the waistband for maximum flexibility.  If briefs are your thing, you will love the flexible and supportive tailoring on their fitted underwear that is meant to take your mind off what you wear under your clothes.

The Munsingwear undershirts feature reinforced necks and shoulders to last through wear and tear.  Also, these are longer than typical undershirts with larger, more comfortable arm holes, so you are free to do what you have to do.

Since all Munsingwear underwear is made of combed cotton, there is no more discomfort of bunched up fabric, or worries about underwear that rides up and has visible telltale creases.
Made from preshrunk cotton, there are no "in-laundry surprises" either. The fabric withstands regular laundry and keeps its form and look through many washes. Explore the different products, sizes and colors.