No more problems with my hiking boots eating my socks! love to hike, and next to my thermal underwear, one of the most important things that makes a hiking trip pleasurable is wearing comfortable boots and socks.  In the past, my socks were constantly bunching down into my boots, forcing me to stop every twenty minutes or so.  I would then have to unlace my boots, pull them off, and yank my socks back up.  This can definitely put a damper on an outing.

Wigwam socks helped relieve me of this hiking annoyance with their Wigwam Ultimax Hiking/Outdoor II Sock.  These socks will not bunch or sag.  They have a cushioned sole, which is perfect for heavy terrain hiking.  They also have an abrasion-resistant achilles cradle, and an ultra smooth toe closure. 

Wigwam’s hiking socks also come in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.  For more information about Wigwam socks, check out Amazing Socks website for the variety of Wigwam socks that they offer.