Merino Wool Socks are the perfect hiking and backpacking sock

Merino wool socksMerino wool socks are the perfect hiking and backpacking sock, especially for cold weather. They are also good socks for every day. Like theFox River Trailmaster sock. These wool socks have stretch nylon that reinforces the toe and heel areas for long lasting comfort and durability. With the natural comfort of Merino wool, this a great sock for casual work days too. 80% Merino wool combined with nylon means comfortable fit and durability.

Merino wool socks also come in lightweight for the summer months and have heavier socks for winter months. You’ll find Merino wool used for both ski and snowboard socks. In addition, they make comfortable dress socks as well. The dress socks come to mid calf length. They have extra cushioning on the sole and are thinner on the top to allow for more breathability. Find your Merino wool socks at Amazing Socks.