Dr. Scholls Socks, Keeping Diabetics Healthy for Years

Neuropathy or nerve damage is very common among people with Diabetes. Constantly high sugar levels will eventually damage small blood vessels in the body. However, this condition commonly occurs in your lower extremities. Some of the symptoms you may have are numbness, tingling sensation, and pain that starts from your toes and spreads up to your legs.

Diabetic SocksNumbness is a major concern of this condition. When you don’t feel anything on your lower extremities, it’s hard for you to know if you have injuries, especially if you don’t check the soles of your feet. Not knowing about your foot injury will delay treatment which may cause infection that may lead to gangrene and eventually amputation. This is the reason diabetics are often recommended to follow a foot care regime that includes checking their feet everyday and wearing the right pair of shoes and socks.

Wearing socks that will not impede circulation and are thick enough to protect you from injuries is the key to keeping your feet healthy.

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