Give Hunters the Gift of Invisibility

If you’re trying to track down the perfect gift for the hunter in your life this holiday season, Coldmaster No Scent Hunter Thermal Shirtforget about all the gadgets and gizmos that are more distracting than they are practical. Instead give them a Coldmaster No Scent Hunter Thermal shirt from Indera Men’s Thermals, and give them the gift of invisibility!

Did you know that a deer’s primary defense against predators is its sense of smell? While deer are colorblind and don’t have a great sense of sight in general, they do have a very keen sense of smell and can detect human body scent up to 30 yards away. That’s far, and even with the best binoculars, a deer can usually detect a hunter’s scent long before the hunter actually sees them.

That keen sense of smell is one of the hunter’s biggest problems, and Coldmaster shirts from Indera are the answer. These hide the hunter’s scent by keeping it close to the body and not letting it escape the fabrics of the shirt. And, because it can often be chilly spending hours in the woods, this line of Indera Men’s Thermals will not only keep your scent close – but your body heat too.

These thermal undershirts aren’t only great gifts for hunters, but also for fishermen who need to be quiet (and silent,) hikers who like to just stroll along the trails and watch wildlife in its natural, undisturbed habitat, and anyone who’s going to be spending some time outside and needs to stay warm.

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