How to Wash SmartWool Socks

SmartWool socks can be a dream. They can often be the only things to warm us up on a chilly day and are great for taking along on a hike or camping trip, because they dry quickly and are lightweight, despite their ability to retain heat. But, these wool socks can quickly be ruined if you wash and/or dry them improperly even once.

Point 6 Snowboard Light Cushion Over the CalfThe most important thing to know about these wool socks is that they should never be placed in a washing machine or a dryer. Wool, while being incredible durable during wear, becomes quite fragile in the rigors of the washing machine and this can cause them to quickly lose their shape. Socks from Smartwool are Merino wool socks, and as such they are a bit more durable than other types of wool. But a washing machine will still cause them to become misshapen and will also make them shrink.  

You can wash wool socks by soaking them in lukewarm water with a  small amount of detergent (that you’ve spot-tested beforehand, of course.) If you’re washing a pair of kids’ Smartwool socks, or another pair that’s especially dirty, gently but firmly rub detergent in circular motions with your hands before placing under running water to rinse clean. After you’ve washed your wool socks, lay them flat to dry, but make sure that air can circulate fully around the socks to allow them to dry even more quickly and thoroughly.

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