Dress Socks Versus White Socks

Do you have all sorts of socks in your drawer? Are you having a difficult time choosing the right kind of socks for your attire? Here is a rule of thumb for you. 

Dress Socks Work and White Socks Play

A common mistake some do is not to bother with the type of socks they wear to the office. After all, they are not easily seen. However, wearing the right type of socks with the right shoes is not only fashionable but comfortable.

White socks can be bulky. Socks like Tennis socks or running socks are made of  a thicker material. This allows the socks to absorb moisture and keep feet dry when you are playing your favorite sport. Wearing them with dress shoes can make your feet very uncomfortable. Also, they may bunch out of your shoes, which isn't a pretty sight. 

If you are wearing dress shoes to work or to go out on a dinner date, make sure to wear dress socks. They are made of thinner materials, which makes them easier to slide into your shoes.

Wearing the right pair of socks creates a more coordinated look. Impress your boss and your date with a great attire! Shop at Amazing Socks and get free shipping for orders more than $57.95.