How to Clean and Store Winter Gloves

It's that time of the year when you might be putting away your winter gloves, boots, scarves and jackets. Knowing the proper way to clean and store your leather gloves will help you preserve them. This way, you won't have to buy a new pair when the time comes that you need them again. Here are some tips you can follow. 

Cleaning Leather Gloves

Some of the things you'll need to clean your gloves are a clean rag, Leather cleaner & conditioner and water. Turn your winter gloves inside out and wipe them with a damp rag. Let the gloves dry before turning them right-side out. A common mistake some people do is to blow them dry with warm air. Doing this will damage the material. 

Wipe the outer portion of the glove and spray a small amount of cleaner & conditioner. Gently spread the formula in a circular motion using a clean cloth. Make sure not to miss any part of the glove. You may also use the cleaner & conditioner on your leather Sorel boots

Storing Leather Gloves

Avoid keeping your gloves in plastic containers. Keep in mind that leather gloves need to breathe. It is best to place them in paper bags or wrap them in a clean cloth before storing them in your drawer. 

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