What to Know About Hiking Socks

Women's Hiker THOR-LON Crew SockWhen looking at hiking socks there are a surprising amount of information you need to know. Of the many features they come equipped with, one of the most important is the padding; but it’s just this padding that can also cause problems if you don’t pay careful attention when buying them.

Thorlo socks that are made for hiking are some of the most popular, and some of the most padded, too. This padding doesn’t only make long treks more comfortable for the feet, but it also provides extra durability and can help to extend the life of the sock.

However as good as this padding is for both your feet and the sock, you do also need to pay special attention to it and make sure that it’s not going to cause discomfort inside your hiking boot or shoe. Most often hiking shoes are made a bit bigger and bulkier so it’s generally not a problem. But making sure that you’re buying the right size of Fox River socks, or any other sock made for hiking, is much more important than when you’re talking about any other kind of socks.

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