Compression Socks Make Great Golf Socks

Golfing is one of the most relaxing sports there is. It’s why avid golfers yearn for the long dog days of Fox River Fatigue Fighter Compression Crew Sockssummer, and why some even go seeking it in different climates when the weather turns cold where they live. But those relaxing 18, or even 9, holes can be very stressful on the body, especially the feet. It’s for this reason that sometimes, regular walking socks or tennis socks just won’t cut it; and you might need a specialty type of sock known as compression socks.

Socks that have compression bands in them work to keep the blood flowing and promote good circulation. This keeps the blood flowing, prevents the feet from swelling, and keeps your legs and feet more energized while out on the course. One sock company by the name of Sigvaris conducted a study involving golfers wearing socks with compression bands in them. That study showed that 86 per cent of golfers reported that their legs were less sore and tired after playing; 50 per cent reported that their legs were not as swollen as normal; and 94 per cent said that they’d happily recommend these socks to other golfers.

We also recommend these socks for golfers, and have a huge selection available at Amazing Socks. Of our most popular brands are Fox River, Smartwool, and Drymax, to name just a few!