Dr. Scholls Socks are also Compression Socks

Dr. Scholl's Women's Diabetes & Circulatory Ankle Socks in White - 2 Pair PackMany people know that one of the biggest benefits of Dr. Scholls socks is that they are diabetic socks and therefore, come with all the benefits that socks for diabetics do. Things like seamless toes, non-binding tops, and a moisture management system are all elements of socks for diabetics that you’ll get when wearing socks made by Dr. Scholl’s. However, there’s one more benefit of these socks, and that’s the fact that they’re also compression socks.

When you buy Dr. Scholl’s diabetic and circulatory socks, you are buying socks that come with a mild compression grade of 10-15mm/hg. This can help improve circulation, which is of crucial importance for diabetics, as it keeps the blood flowing and helps prevent it from pooling in the lower extremities – a problem that many diabetics have a very hard time with. This compression can also help ease tired and fatigued legs throughout the day, which will be beneficial to diabetics, travelers, or anyone who finds that their legs and feet tire easily throughout the day. The compression is enough for the socks to be effective, yet not so intense that people will find the added pressure to be uncomfortable.

When you’re looking for socks that come with a whole lot of benefits, come see us at Amazing Socks. We have Dr. Scholl’s, and many other brand names that will keep your feet cool and comfortable all day long!