Compression Socks for Sports

Compression SocksMany athletes and health enthusiasts today are now using compression socks during activities. These socks provide gradual compressions on the legs. It is believed that these socks offer many benefits not only for those with health problems but also for active individuals. Here are some benefits you may get from compression sports socks. 

Promotes Circulation

When you run, or go biking, the lower part of your leg may swell. There are instances when you may even feel your feet throb and get warm. When there is swelling, it means that the circulation is partially blocked in the lower extremities. It's difficult for blood and other nutrients to move back up to the heart and upper part of your body. 

When you wear compression socks, proper circulation is promoted as the socks apply gradual compressions on the lower extremities, which helps blood move and avoid pooling in your legs. 

Reduces the Production of Lactic Acid

When you move, your body produces lactic acid. Too much lactic acid in the system can lead to fatigue and cramps. 

Compression sports socks like SmartWool Socks PhD Graduated Compression Socks may help you reduce fatigue and make muscle recovery faster. 

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