A Little Known Benefit of Smartwool Socks

SmartWool® Men's Adventurer Crew Hiking SockMany people already know about the many benefits of Smartwool hiking socks. These socks, with their special cushioning make it possible to stay out on hikes longer; and because their merino wool socks they also keep the foot drier and warmer throughout the hike, too. But there’s another lesser-known benefit that comes with Smartwool socks. That’s the fact that they don’t bunch!

With other socks, especially the long tube-like style that’s so often seen in Smartwool, they tend to drop down and bunch around the ankle. This not only makes it uncomfortable, but it can defeat the purpose of the sock. That bunching can cause the area to heat up considerably; and the layers folded on top of each other make it much more challenging to wick that moisture away. Smartwool socks don’t do that though, as they’re designed not to bunch.

Smartwool’s able to do that by weaving the merino wool together in one extremely fine layer. Whereas other socks pile up the material in layers on top of each other, Smartwool eliminates that with their highly advanced technological process. One thin layer means that there’s no heavy material to drop down, and you don’t have to deal with bunching.

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