Gold Toe Dress Socks, Bringing the Best Since the Great Depression

Gold Toe Cotton 6 Pr. Pack Athletic Quarter SockIf you’ve ever asked for “the dress socks with the gold toe,” you’re a part of American history! That’s because you’re asking for Gold Toe dress socks and this company has been one of the most important in the United States ever since the time of the Great Depression.

It was during that time that Americans, then more than ever, needed to make the most of what they had; and ensure that they were investing their money in high-quality items that would last for a very long time. The two men who had recently formed the Great American Knitting Mills, saw that need and so, began producing socks that Americans could be sure were extremely durable. They made those socks by completing the toe with a thin band of gold right at the toe seam, a trademark that consumers could recognize right away.

Today that trademark is just as identifiable as ever, but Gold Toe has vastly expanded on their product line. Today, you can find the best socks for all your suits and other formal outfits, but you can find walking and running socks from Gold Toe, too. No matter the style you’re looking for, as long as it has that iconic gold toe, you know you’re getting the best!