Teko Merino Wool Socks Review

When you’re looking for hiking socks that will keep your feet warm during your winter months, you need to Teko Ecomerino Wool Hiking Crew Sockturn your eyes to Teko. Not only will these merino wool socks keep your feet toasty, but the seams on these socks also make them much more comfortable to wear.

With a wide top elastic that will hold the sock up without being too tight; these socks are pure comfort from top to bottom. The merino wool keeps these socks soft, not itchy; and across the toe you’ll find a tight-knit seam. That allows for a longer more comfortable wear, as no rough seam will be chafing across the top of the toe.

However, you may not want the wear to be too long. Teko socks often don’t provide additional cushioning, which can often make them uncomfortable if you’re wearing them for long periods of time – especially if you’re going to be putting them to the test during that time.

For hikes that are going to last several hours, we suggest you choose another sock such as WrightSock double layer socks. These anti-blister socks give you dual protection and will keep your feet blister-free, too. Of course, you’ll have to sacrifice the soft feel of that wonderful merino wool!