The Process of Making Comfort Socks

SmartWool Women's Saturn Stripe Crew Casual SockKnowing how a product is made can make you like it even more. SmartWool socks are aesthetically pleasing due to the different colors used. The entire manufacturing process is done in a three stage process. Here is a brief description of each stage:

Smartwool socks are made of three materials – wool, nylon spandex, and elastic. A rack is located right above the machine where knitting takes place. This rack houses yarns of different colors. The cylinder is where wool meets the nylon and elastic. There are spools of various color threads that go into the making of these socks. The elastic is woven at the right place for the perfect fit.

The toe end is passed through a machine which makes a near invisible seam. With this the manufacturing part is over. However, each sock is checked by an expert. This is why SmartWool guarantees quality for each of its comfort socks.

Washing and Drying
The last step involves washing and drying. This is necessary to remove any dirt, grease, or germs from the socks. Each sock that comes out of the factory is 100 per cent defect free.

This procedure has been really successful for mass production of socks. The SmartWool Women’s Saturn Stripe Crew Casual Sock is one of the company’s bestsellers. You get four different colors of this soft sock to choose from. The item is currently available for $15.16 at a 20 per cent discount SmartWool socks are offering.