The Secret Behind High Quality Merino Wool Socks

Merino wool socks are famous for their high quality. The wool that is used for them undergoes many processes. From shearing to packing, utmost care is taken in the handling of wool.

Smartwool Men's Standup Compression Over the CalfAs the season arrives, sheep are prepared for shearing. Various shearing dens are set up for this purpose. Sheep are bathed before the shearing takes place. After shearing, the wool is cleaned thoroughly.

The wool thus obtained is then packaged in non contaminating nylon packs. All the strict WHO guidelines and ISO quality criteria are followed during the process. It is ensured that each Merino strip is white and bright. It is then checked for excellence in diameter, curvature, and yield.

Shearing is one of the primary occupations of New Zealanders. They are fully committed and an extremely hardworking lot in this profession. Almost all of the SmartWool products are made using Merino wool.

The SmartWool Men’s Standup Compression Over the Calf socks are one such product. These travel socks are perfect for those who get tired easily. They can also be used as compression socks because of the graduated level compression. A buried toe closure ensures that ankle, leg, and foot swelling is reduced. You can avail a 20 percent discount and get the socks for $19.96 if you buy them now!