Celebrity sock stories

Do you know what Britney Spears and Albert Einstein have in common?  They are both not fans of socks.  Einstein got tired of his socks developing holes and he also thought that wearing socks and shoes together were unnecessary, so he opted for shoes only.   Britney says that socks are the one article of clothing that she dreads wearing.  Who would have thought a genius and a pop star would have this in common?

George Clooney never wears the same socks twice.  Once he wears a pair of socks, they are donated to a homeless shelter.  In a much different story, Serena Williams is known for wearing the same socks during an entire tennis tournament.  It seems that she may have a “sock-erstition.”  Did you ever notice that David Letterman is always wearing white socks with black shoes, well they are actually light grey.  In any case, it seems that someone had once given him over 1000 pairs of socks, so he is wearing them well.  Even if he is wearing them to spite CBS for making him wear suits, it has quickly become one of his many trademarks.  Try the Florsheim Men's Rib Nylon Dress Crew Sock to achieve the same look.

Michael Jackson fans may have noticed the spin he put on slouch socks in his moon-walking days.  They were quite sparkly and dazzled the stage.  We can only wonder if his stylist was hard at work bedazzling the ever popular Wigwam Slouch Sock.  It has been rumored that Goldie Hawn is so self conscience of her skinny ankles that she often doubles up on her Bobby socks to hide them.  Here at Amazing Socks we can only hope she is finding comfort by wearing Gold Toe anklets or Tic Tac Toe Handlinked Soft Toe Seam Anklets

I would love to hear about any of your celebrity sock sightings.  Keep me in the loop. 

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