Comfort Zone

When you think of comfort, what comes to your mind?  For me, it’s a mushy bed, oversized sweatpants, a pony tail, a nice hot cup of tea, maybe even a big bear hug.  Have you ever gone to the store and simply ask for a comfortable sock?  Yes, there is such a thing and they are called just that, Comfort Socks.  Amazing Socks offers a selection of Comfort Socks to meet all your needs.  When looking for such a sock, what exactly does comfort mean to you?  Do toe seams irritate you?  Do your socks fall down or sag?  Are they too tight?  Is there an odor problem?

Comfort Socks by Simcan are made of superior stretch fibers and a unique construction that ensures the leg's natural circulation will not be restricted.  These socks have low profile micro seams that will help eliminate sores and are also guaranteed not to sag or fall down, big bonus!

Renfro Foot Guard Copper Sole PT Crew Socks are reinforced for durability and comfort.  They are a military sock, however you can certainly appreciate the benefits as well.  Do you experience itchy, burning feet or cracked skin due to the heat?  These socks are made with Cupron, a copper bonded polyester yarn, that helps eliminate the growth of bacteria and foot odor.  If they are trusted and worn in the Army, I think these socks can handle your feet as well.

Ladies, the Thorlo Everyday Comfort Mini Crew is designed just for you.  The thin cushioning in the ball and heel areas offer more blister protection than any other sick on the market today.  These are made to be worn with casual footwear for all day comfort.

Amazing Socks is here to help you find your comfort zone!  See you soon.