Discover Sock Week

Lock up your seals, it’s Shark Week again. Yes, time for Discovery’s annual campaign of drumming up irrational fear and loathing of these misunderstood and fascinating creatures. Although Discovery would have you believe danger is lurking and calamity awaits each time you dip a toe, the fact is, more people die annually from falling icicles than shark attacks but I suspect “Icicle Week” wouldn’t pull in the ratings….But I digress…I will always root for the seal or sea turtle to escape the steely toothed trap of Air Jaws. Seals and turtles are cute; sharks are not. But shark socks are.  Just like wearing the jersey of your favorite hometeam while watching the game, pull on these socks and prop up your feet for added joy while reveling in tales of the legendary Megalodon.

These crew height socks pull up high enough to wrap the little guys’ jaws around your lower calf. Now if this was a real shark, not being fond of the taste of we humans, he’d spit your legs back out, but no worries, these socks will stay on and stay up in place.

These socks only come in gray of course with a soft white underbelly, little dorsal fins and lifeless eyes….black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. Just don’t block their little gills when you cross your feet!!

You know who has this cool little pair? Go check them out, really, it's totally safe to surf 😉