Don’t be a stinker!!

“Did you know… Each human foot has 250,000 sweat glands and releases nearly 1 cup of moisture every day? Isn't that amazing?!! Maybe even gross…no wonder people have smelly feet. But is it really their feet that smell? Your feet don't smell when you wear sandals or go bare foot.”

Your feet only smell when they have been trapped inside a shoe all day long! Since you can’t fight your sweat glands….how can you fight that smell and make it go away? Yes, it’s an embarrassing topic but hey we’re all friends here….

Enter 2Toms Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray…’s a deodorizer if you will. 2Toms bravely has done plenty of research in the world of shoe odor and came out with the solution to the stench. Stink Free is specially formulated to eliminate the odor left behind by sweaty feet. All those thousands of sweat glands living in your feet leave behind that smell, trapping it in the materials of your shoes and sneakers. 2Toms’s thinking is, eliminate the built up sweat; eliminate the odor. Other products out there may claim to do the same, but really they are just scented sprays that temporarily mask or cover up the smells which will surely return. 2Toms corrects the situation the first time and does not leave behind a scent. Pretty simple answer to a common problem.

From 2Toms, here is how to apply:

During your first application, spray Stink Free 2 or 3 times your smelly shoes depending on the strength of the odor. After that, spray Stink Free into stinky shoes 2 or 3 times per week. Always allow time for the shoes to dry. Of course, individual need & personal preference will vary.  It is safe to use with or without socks

Use Stink Free on:

  • shoes
  • sneakers
  • dress shoes
  • basketball shoes
  • hockey skates
  • riding boots
  • running shoes
  • baseball gloves
  • Vibram Five Finger
  • gym bags
  • hockey & football pads
  • plus much much more…

2Toms Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray is available in an 8oz. bottle at a discount through Amazing Socks.