Flock of Socks

Often we get asked by our lady customers what “fun” new socks did we get into our store. The first brand suggestion that always comes to mind first is Smartwool. Often with each changing season, a new sock line for ladies arrives with bold colors, graphics that pop and unusual patterns. Smartwool offers limited edition “SmARTwool Gallery” socks that are designed by select artists and we always quickly sell out of those styles first. Often there will be just one artist chosen per season given free rein to come up with a unique design, drawing inspiration from their hometown, childhood, nature, anything at all. The artwork is applied to sock styles ranging from casual socks mini crews through knee high ski boot socks.

On occasion, artists have also designed winter knit hats which is always a more interesting option than the traditional and mundane blah cap. But going back to fun Smartwool socks from women….

We recently opened up a new shipment of Smartwool Women’s Flowering Lark Crew Socks. Not only pretty to look at but super soft with a great fit too. A realistic and beautifully drawn lark bird is propped up on a branch in front of a large and colorful flower which extends around the back of the leg. Depending on the color of the socks, the bird and flower patterns are made in alternate colors jump out against the background color of the socks. This way you can order a few pairs in different colors and the pattern will not look the same.

If you’re not so much a bird person, that’s alright— this is just one of many options…..Check out the “new products” tab on our AmazingSocks website to see all the new pairs as the come in…..Styles are limited and once they sell out, that's it,  they are gone for good so take a sock guru’s advice and call dibs on a pair today!!