Fun Wedding Styles for Your Groomsmen

We here at Amazing Socks have been enjoying a quirky trend that’s catching on with today’s wedding scene — colorful and unusual socks worn by groomsmen. Socks that create a loud pop of color from under the pant leg of a handsome classic tux make for a fun photo op! Socks to match their individual personalities, their favorite team’s colors or the colors of their Alma Mater are just a few ideas that make for an interesting look for the guys.


The socks can also reflect the color pallet of your wedding, including matching against color details in bridesmaid’s dresses or picking up colors in traditional boutonnieres. Argyle prints that match the seasonal colors of your wedding can also work well.

The groom might even choose socks to match colorful shoes worn by his bride.

If you like the idea of unique groomsmen socks but you’d rather stay traditional, that’s alright. You can still give the guys fun socks as present “toppers” to whatever tokens of appreciation you may decide to give. How about socks with bacon and eggs, a stein of beer or a mudflap girl? While you’re at it, give your groom the four leaf clover socks to remind him how lucky he is!