Get Clouded Up….

Welcome a 5 star spa experience into your home with World’s Softest Short Hooded Robe. The World’s Softest  robe is a luxurious experience that makes you feel like you’re being caressed by velvety clouds. This robe is plush and cuddly both inside and out.  it offers an oversized hood, deep pockets and cuffed sleeves for a cozy fit. Embrace yourself in the softest robe on Earth, especially after a long hot de-stressing bath in peace and quiet. You might not ever want to get dressed!

If you feel like spreading the happy down to your toes, World’s Softest Socks offers up the same fluffiness in their Spa Socks. Available in a variety of fun, soft colors the Spa Socks are the perfect complement to their robe. Such a tranquil experience for the skin. All you’ll need is a good book along with a “Do Not Disturb” sign. These socks are equally soft, fluffy, stretchy and perfectly wonderful to sleep in to keep your toes warm and comfy through the night. Even for those who tend to experience leg swelling, these socks are a great choice as they are non-binding, meaning no tight welt top, so they won’t dig into skin. Reversible fabric remains soft on inside and outside.

World’s Softest is all about creating the softest fabrics possible and quality. They are a company dedicated to delivering an unique comfort experience like no other. Something as simple as a robe or a great pair of socks turns into a trusty go-to item you won’t want to do without. Much like a beloved old sweatshirt or those perfectly broken in jeans. It will be a staple.

Both robe and socks are available at a discount through Amazing Socks. Treat your feet and get wrapped up in a robe today!!!