How ’bout them RED socks?

No, not the RED SOX!  As a loyal NY Yankee fan, I can assure you I would not dedicate an entire blog to those guys.  However, I do need to discuss the infatuation with men and their desire for red socks.  Here in the Amazing Socks office we get lots of phone calls.  Some call looking for sock advice, to place orders, or to check on the status of orders, but others call looking for specific socks.. RED socks!  I decided to start asking questions.  It’s not every day that someone calls for these particular socks, but now I am curious and did a little research.

Some men will don a pair of red socks with their pinstripe suit for that "once seen never forgotten" statement.  Others feel strong and powerful.  I have also heard it’s for luck.  One man even told me "it's just because I like red."  After doing some googling and research I found that this particular style is very popular amongst the British.   I personally like the fashion statement you guys are making and am happy to have a few choices here at Amazing Socks.

World's Softest Sock has the classic crew and lower cut styles available in red and are the most popular choice here to date.  They are currently on sale for 30%  off the suggested retail price. 

Whatever the reason you may have for sporting the red socks, whether it is for luck, power or the devil inside you, wear them well!