No More Stinky Feet!

Let’s face the facts it happens to all of us, Stinky Feet Syndrome.

I’m certainly not a doctor, but I may be able to offer some much needed help.  Firstly, you will probably have to throw away those stinky running sneakers, or your favorite loafers.  I am not a magician either, but what I can do is offer some ideas to prevent odor in the future. 

There are socks on the market that are made with specific fibers to stop odor in their tracks.  Drymax has developed the MicroZap antimicrobial fiber for long term odor control.  The fiber is infused into all their socks and it committed to preforming for the life of the sock.   Other manufacturers use Odor Guard, like Wigwam for example, in the At Work Double Duty Ultimate Work Socks which is an outstanding work sock for maximum durability.  Fox River uses X-Static® in some of their socks which is naturally antimicrobial and will help prevent odor as well.  Try the Fox River X-Static Xpanse Crew to experience the dry, comfort, and odor free benefits.    

Amazing Socks also offers a new product, StinkFree Shoe & Gear Spray  which is a miracle in and of itself.  Spray this in stinky running sneakers, work boots and ladies.. even those ballet flats!  It works wonders even with sporting gear as well.