Puddle jump in style!

Do you get irritated when the kids run through puddles, soaking their brand new shoes?  Did you get all dressed for work today to step out into a down pour?  Walking through the rain doesn't have to be so troublesome.  Kamik Boots "respect your feet" and have the answers to all your wet woes.  They make waterproof rubber boots that are 100% recyclable and have a removable Comfort footbed.  Kids love the color choices for the Stomp Waterproof Rain Boots and Mom's won't mind the little ones stomping in the puddles, because they are sure to stay dry in these boots.  

Ladies you will go gaga over the fashionable choices you have with Kamik Boots as well.  The Heidi Waterproof Rain Boots are shiny and sleek black, giving them a patent leather look.  These are great for work or for on the go fancy feet.  The Kamik Olivia Waterproof Rain Boots have a more casual look with a decorative side buckle.  These are perfect for when the dog wants to drag you thru puddles or muddy trails. 

Of course you can find these boots and many others great brands at Amazing Socks.  The Kamik Boots are currently on sale – check it out!