Sock Etiquette, gentlemen this is for you…

While the following statements are my opinions and not rules per say, I hope that some of you will walk away with a pointer or two.  Your ladies and friends and family adore you no matter what, but for the sake of fashion here are a few tips. 

White socks are for sports only!      I will never understand this one.  Number 1 it doesn't match. (no, white does not go with everything!)  Number 2, you are not Michael Jackson or the Blues Brothers, so you cannot pull this off.  Sorry!



Match your socks to your pants, not your shoes!  It's very easy and applies to all pants except jeans.  Think of jeans as a free for all, wear any socks you want when sporting denim.  However, if your pants are brown = brown socks, navy pants = navy socks.   Check out Smartwool Mens Dress socks for some fun patterns to play with as well.

Dress shoes require dress socks!  Personally, I think you just get lazy and don't feel like changing your socks.  Did you hit the gym before heading to work?  No, well that's what it looks like.  That and your shoes are about to explode with those cushiony athletic socks pouring out the top of your loafers.  On a more serious note, you are ruining your dress shoes as well.  I promise you will feel more comfortable with the proper socks.     

Stop folding and rolling your socks!  They really do make low cut socks, it's 2013.  Really nice ones at that.  If your feet tend to get hot and you are looking for socks to keep them cool and dry then I suggest you look at Drymax socks.  You will be delighted.

No holes allowed!  Guys you should replenishing your socks every year if not a little sooner.  You can put a lot of miles on your socks in this time.  Once holes develop or they get too worn, throw them out or recycle them.                                                                                  

Socks and sandals are never OK!  I am not going to elaborate, because I do sell socks, but this is a NO-NO.



The most important thing is as long as you are comfortable and confident, who cares about fashion faux pas!  The second most important thing to remember is that Amazing Socks always has the right fashion choices, no matter what your style is.  Until next time trendsetters….