Socks around the clock!

Wanna have a little fun with me?  What do you say we go back in time?  Let’s take a look back at the sock trends over the years.  What's your sock age?  Here’s the type of history lesson I can appreciate! 



1950's Bobby Socks – Girls you know those little socks you wore to the sock hop!  Twirling in your poodle skirts and Mary Janes, offers these adorable ankle socks.  The Gold Toe Women's Classic Anklet will take you right back on the dance floor.    



1960’s Mod – Tights were the thing!  Super short dresses and skirts with opaque solid or printed tights were on all the ladies who admired Twiggy.  Try the Smartwool Mirrored Footless Tight for an updated twist on this classic look.


1970’s Tube Socks – Sure you may have worn them in gym class, the basketball stars wore them as well.  They are still hot, hot, hot and trending in very different ways and Amazing Socks has them on sale.  Wigwam King Tube socks come in all the colors you need. 

1980’s Slouch Socks – I did it, I’ll admit it.  I may have tight rolled my favorite jeans and wore one, ok two pairs of Wigwam 622 Slouch socks in school.  They were not just loved by aerobic superstars and fitness queens, they were everywhere!



1990’s Knee Socks – Thanks to the Clueless girls, this street trend became very popular.  The once staple of private school uniforms was transformed and has never been the same.  Smartwool makes the ever classic Trellis Knee High Sock as well as other fun prints. 




Today you still can find all these trends and more. For the daring, super confident, ultra sassy gal I would click on over to Sock it to Me for the latest statement…Over the knee!  From stripes to solids, moustaches to monkey you will definitely make a statement!


So, what's your favorite look?  Don't worry your pretty little head off because the past is not anymore, Amazing Socks has all these styles available all the time!