Tour de Socks

If you are an avid cyclist you know the right equipment necessary to make your ride the most comfortable.  Whether it’s the actual bike, the perfect helmet, shoes and even the right clothing all these factors can make or break your trip.  Believe it or not even your socks are important.  I know, who cares about having the right socks when you’re cycling, your feet don’t even touch the ground, right?  

Allow me to point out some things you probably haven’t thought of until now.  If your socks are too loose and don’t hug the foot, they will bunch up and cause irritation and blisters.  If you don’t choose socks with moisture wicking fibers, sweat will build up causing discomfort and cold feet.  Whether you are cycling competitively or for pleasure, choosing the right sock will help your performance. 

Amazing Socks offers a wide range of cycling socks, one to suit everyone’s needs.  A cycling sock offers extra cushioning in high impact areas and a snug non-slip fit to stay in position.  SockGuy socks are the choice of many professionals, especially those with personality.  The socks in this line offer the “Stretch to Fit” sizing system.  They also have an exclusive “Easy Fit” cuff for a perfect fit on any foot.  Made with ultra-wicking micro denier acrylic for comfort and dryness, they also come in a range of fun prints to suit any personality.  Check out the Spicy Cycle & Run Sock, how’s that for a HOT statement!  Want a more technical choice?  Drymax Cycle Quarter Crew is ultra-light, designed with Dual Layer Moisture Removal System to keep feet dry.  This sock is also enhanced with a natural odor defense.  Smartwool PhD Cycle Mini Crew uses Merino wool, which may seem like an odd choice, however the wool is spun soft, forming a densely cushioned sock that is not only durable but temperature regulated. 

So, whether you cycle for pleasure, transportation, or competitively, protecting your feet and keeping them dry and comfortable will enhance your performance.  Dry feet are happy feet.  They will work harder, pedal faster and take you places! will help you get these socks at great everyday prices.