Last week, The Sock Company / Amazing Socks moved all the way … down the street!  It was all hands on deck and these normally well-manicured hands got down and dirty.  Day 1, I learned my first sock lesson, wear them!  Yep, there I was packing up my desk, kicked the computer and sliced my toe.  No worries, the flip flops survived, so did my toe.  Nothing a bandage, two Advil and a pair of sneakers wouldn't heal over the next few days.   That’s right friends, the next day I pulled out my favorite socks, Wrightsock Double Layer Anti Blister Coolmesh II Tab Socks.  I personally like a low profile sock with a tab, no slipping down into my shoes please!  On any other day I would brag about the CoolMesh fabric and the Anti-Blister protection, but now I can really appreciate the double layer technology for another reason.  With my toes literally taped together, this sock kept my feet cool and dry throughout the day as I was moving around.  I was worried of the tape causing the inner layer to bunch and create another issue, but no..it was perfection!  The best part was the move lasted a few days and I got to sport the new fun colors that just so happened to match my sneakers.

Throughout the next few days, I unpacked, lifted and tore up so many boxes that I was grateful to have a pair of the Ironclad Women's Tuff-Chix Work Gloves handy to protect my hands.  These gloves are awesome!  They are designed to fit the contours of a woman’s hand, have seamless fingertips and a padded palm.  Oh, and they come in pink!   

I am settled into the new space and love that I can this sock story with you all.  The phone number is still the same, the merchandise is still Amazing and we are here to help.  Visit us at amazingsocks.com.