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Celebrity sock stories

Do you know what Britney Spears and Albert Einstein have in common?  They are both not fans of socks.  Einstein got tired of his socks developing holes and he also thought that wearing socks and shoes together were unnecessary, so he opted for shoes only.   Britney says that socks are the one article of clothing that she dreads wearing.  Who would have thought a genius and a pop star would have this in common?

George Clooney never wears the same socks twice.  Once he wears a pair of socks, they are donated to a homeless shelter.  In a much different story, Serena Williams is known for wearing the same socks during an entire tennis tournament.  It seems that she may have a “sock-erstition.”  Did you ever notice that David Letterman is always wearing white socks with black shoes, well they are actually light grey.  In any case, it seems that someone had once given him over 1000 pairs of socks, so he is wearing them well.  Even if he is wearing them to spite CBS for making him wear suits, it has quickly become one of his many trademarks.  Try the Florsheim Men's Rib Nylon Dress Crew Sock to achieve the same look.

Michael Jackson fans may have noticed the spin he put on slouch socks in his moon-walking days.  They were quite sparkly and dazzled the stage.  We can only wonder if his stylist was hard at work bedazzling the ever popular Wigwam Slouch Sock.  It has been rumored that Goldie Hawn is so self conscience of her skinny ankles that she often doubles up on her Bobby socks to hide them.  Here at Amazing Socks we can only hope she is finding comfort by wearing Gold Toe anklets or Tic Tac Toe Handlinked Soft Toe Seam Anklets

I would love to hear about any of your celebrity sock sightings.  Keep me in the loop. 

In the meantime, visit Amazing Socks for some great savings and newly added styles.




Sockin’ Away for the Winter

As another summer sadly winds down to a close, some people might be happy to welcome back cozy hoodies, hot cider and crisp cool weather. For some of our Amazing Socks customers, the end of summertime serves as a reminder to place early orders for a fresh batch of winter socks.


The people are planners! But ordering early means the best selection of styles, sizes and colors in the most sought after models that will really be flying out of our warehouse come November. Get your toasty warm boot socks BEFORE you truly need them. Some of the classic names in quality, sockmakers are Wigwam, Smartwool and Fox River, and Amazing Socks has them all.

If you’re not already one of our customers, well then you really should be! We are your one stop shop for your heavyweight thermal sock companions for your favorite wintery boots. One of our best sellers is Wigwam’s Canada boot sock. Made up of a thick blend of acrylic and wool and fully cushioned all over with an olefin sole for superior moisture wicking, this heavy duty pair will keep your feet warm and dry all winter long.

For our soft merino wool lovers, a top pick by Smartwool is the Trekking Heavy Crew. Heavy cushioning offers insulation and shock absorption, along with an arch brace to hold the sock in place and give additional support.

Always a popular seller when the weather turns cool is a traditional and classic ragg wool style. We carry several worthy brands that make a great ragg sock, but to accompany boots, go with the Norwegian Long by Fox River. This style will come up higher on the leg than the average crew length which makes for a better match for boots. Ideal for cold weather, this is a breathable pair of socks that has been keeping feet cozy and comfortable for centuries.

These three popular choices are all proudly made in the USA and as always, available at a discount through Amazing Socks.

Sock Etiquette, gentlemen this is for you…

While the following statements are my opinions and not rules per say, I hope that some of you will walk away with a pointer or two.  Your ladies and friends and family adore you no matter what, but for the sake of fashion here are a few tips. 

White socks are for sports only!      I will never understand this one.  Number 1 it doesn't match. (no, white does not go with everything!)  Number 2, you are not Michael Jackson or the Blues Brothers, so you cannot pull this off.  Sorry!



Match your socks to your pants, not your shoes!  It's very easy and applies to all pants except jeans.  Think of jeans as a free for all, wear any socks you want when sporting denim.  However, if your pants are brown = brown socks, navy pants = navy socks.   Check out Smartwool Mens Dress socks for some fun patterns to play with as well.

Dress shoes require dress socks!  Personally, I think you just get lazy and don't feel like changing your socks.  Did you hit the gym before heading to work?  No, well that's what it looks like.  That and your shoes are about to explode with those cushiony athletic socks pouring out the top of your loafers.  On a more serious note, you are ruining your dress shoes as well.  I promise you will feel more comfortable with the proper socks.     

Stop folding and rolling your socks!  They really do make low cut socks, it's 2013.  Really nice ones at that.  If your feet tend to get hot and you are looking for socks to keep them cool and dry then I suggest you look at Drymax socks.  You will be delighted.

No holes allowed!  Guys you should replenishing your socks every year if not a little sooner.  You can put a lot of miles on your socks in this time.  Once holes develop or they get too worn, throw them out or recycle them.                                                                                  

Socks and sandals are never OK!  I am not going to elaborate, because I do sell socks, but this is a NO-NO.



The most important thing is as long as you are comfortable and confident, who cares about fashion faux pas!  The second most important thing to remember is that Amazing Socks always has the right fashion choices, no matter what your style is.  Until next time trendsetters….

Don’t be a stinker!!

“Did you know… Each human foot has 250,000 sweat glands and releases nearly 1 cup of moisture every day? Isn't that amazing?!! Maybe even gross…no wonder people have smelly feet. But is it really their feet that smell? Your feet don't smell when you wear sandals or go bare foot.”

Your feet only smell when they have been trapped inside a shoe all day long! Since you can’t fight your sweat glands….how can you fight that smell and make it go away? Yes, it’s an embarrassing topic but hey we’re all friends here….

Enter 2Toms Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray…’s a deodorizer if you will. 2Toms bravely has done plenty of research in the world of shoe odor and came out with the solution to the stench. Stink Free is specially formulated to eliminate the odor left behind by sweaty feet. All those thousands of sweat glands living in your feet leave behind that smell, trapping it in the materials of your shoes and sneakers. 2Toms’s thinking is, eliminate the built up sweat; eliminate the odor. Other products out there may claim to do the same, but really they are just scented sprays that temporarily mask or cover up the smells which will surely return. 2Toms corrects the situation the first time and does not leave behind a scent. Pretty simple answer to a common problem.

From 2Toms, here is how to apply:

During your first application, spray Stink Free 2 or 3 times your smelly shoes depending on the strength of the odor. After that, spray Stink Free into stinky shoes 2 or 3 times per week. Always allow time for the shoes to dry. Of course, individual need & personal preference will vary.  It is safe to use with or without socks

Use Stink Free on:

  • shoes
  • sneakers
  • dress shoes
  • basketball shoes
  • hockey skates
  • riding boots
  • running shoes
  • baseball gloves
  • Vibram Five Finger
  • gym bags
  • hockey & football pads
  • plus much much more…

2Toms Stink Free Shoe and Gear Spray is available in an 8oz. bottle at a discount through Amazing Socks.


Tennis Anyone?

US Open is right around the corner.  Leave to a nationally broadcasted event to drive up the tennis sock business here at Amazing Socks.  Great tennis socks are so important, probably one of the key items.  A tennis player’s feet take a lot of abuse due to the constant starting, stopping, and twisting. It is not uncommon for these athletes to have issues with their feet including heal bruises, black toe, and blisters. Any one of these ailments can stop you from performing at your best.  Professional tennis players must take care of their feet to be able to play, and even consider their feet one of the most important parts of their body.  Sore feet will slow them down and cost them more than a lost match.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

When choosing the right tennis socks, there are several important features to look for.  Padding is probably the most crucial.  Extra padding at the ball and toes will protect from abrasion caused by those sudden starts and stops during the match.  Thorlo tennis socks are the best choice as they have been clinically tested and have proven to reduce foot pain, blisters and other foot conditions.  The superior padding extends over the toes and low profile toe seam won’t rub or irritate feet. 

Keeping feet dry and comfortable is also crucial when playing tennis.  Drymax tennis socks are designed just for that, keeping feet dry, comfortable and odor free.  The padding is very dense over the toes and under the foot, as opposed to thick cushioning.  These socks will protect the foot without affecting the fit of the shoes.  The Dual Layer Moisture Removal System moves moisture off the skin through the sock layers instantly, leaving your feet dry.  Dry feet are odor free.  Drymax tennis socks also have an active odor control to fight bacteria.

Tennis is a strenuous sport, so take care of your most important piece of equipment!

Fun Wedding Styles for Your Groomsmen

We here at Amazing Socks have been enjoying a quirky trend that’s catching on with today’s wedding scene — colorful and unusual socks worn by groomsmen. Socks that create a loud pop of color from under the pant leg of a handsome classic tux make for a fun photo op! Socks to match their individual personalities, their favorite team’s colors or the colors of their Alma Mater are just a few ideas that make for an interesting look for the guys.


The socks can also reflect the color pallet of your wedding, including matching against color details in bridesmaid’s dresses or picking up colors in traditional boutonnieres. Argyle prints that match the seasonal colors of your wedding can also work well.

The groom might even choose socks to match colorful shoes worn by his bride.

If you like the idea of unique groomsmen socks but you’d rather stay traditional, that’s alright. You can still give the guys fun socks as present “toppers” to whatever tokens of appreciation you may decide to give. How about socks with bacon and eggs, a stein of beer or a mudflap girl? While you’re at it, give your groom the four leaf clover socks to remind him how lucky he is!

Comfort Zone

When you think of comfort, what comes to your mind?  For me, it’s a mushy bed, oversized sweatpants, a pony tail, a nice hot cup of tea, maybe even a big bear hug.  Have you ever gone to the store and simply ask for a comfortable sock?  Yes, there is such a thing and they are called just that, Comfort Socks.  Amazing Socks offers a selection of Comfort Socks to meet all your needs.  When looking for such a sock, what exactly does comfort mean to you?  Do toe seams irritate you?  Do your socks fall down or sag?  Are they too tight?  Is there an odor problem?

Comfort Socks by Simcan are made of superior stretch fibers and a unique construction that ensures the leg's natural circulation will not be restricted.  These socks have low profile micro seams that will help eliminate sores and are also guaranteed not to sag or fall down, big bonus!

Renfro Foot Guard Copper Sole PT Crew Socks are reinforced for durability and comfort.  They are a military sock, however you can certainly appreciate the benefits as well.  Do you experience itchy, burning feet or cracked skin due to the heat?  These socks are made with Cupron, a copper bonded polyester yarn, that helps eliminate the growth of bacteria and foot odor.  If they are trusted and worn in the Army, I think these socks can handle your feet as well.

Ladies, the Thorlo Everyday Comfort Mini Crew is designed just for you.  The thin cushioning in the ball and heel areas offer more blister protection than any other sick on the market today.  These are made to be worn with casual footwear for all day comfort.

Amazing Socks is here to help you find your comfort zone!  See you soon.     


Flock of Socks

Often we get asked by our lady customers what “fun” new socks did we get into our store. The first brand suggestion that always comes to mind first is Smartwool. Often with each changing season, a new sock line for ladies arrives with bold colors, graphics that pop and unusual patterns. Smartwool offers limited edition “SmARTwool Gallery” socks that are designed by select artists and we always quickly sell out of those styles first. Often there will be just one artist chosen per season given free rein to come up with a unique design, drawing inspiration from their hometown, childhood, nature, anything at all. The artwork is applied to sock styles ranging from casual socks mini crews through knee high ski boot socks.

On occasion, artists have also designed winter knit hats which is always a more interesting option than the traditional and mundane blah cap. But going back to fun Smartwool socks from women….

We recently opened up a new shipment of Smartwool Women’s Flowering Lark Crew Socks. Not only pretty to look at but super soft with a great fit too. A realistic and beautifully drawn lark bird is propped up on a branch in front of a large and colorful flower which extends around the back of the leg. Depending on the color of the socks, the bird and flower patterns are made in alternate colors jump out against the background color of the socks. This way you can order a few pairs in different colors and the pattern will not look the same.

If you’re not so much a bird person, that’s alright— this is just one of many options…..Check out the “new products” tab on our AmazingSocks website to see all the new pairs as the come in…..Styles are limited and once they sell out, that's it,  they are gone for good so take a sock guru’s advice and call dibs on a pair today!!


Socks around the clock!

Wanna have a little fun with me?  What do you say we go back in time?  Let’s take a look back at the sock trends over the years.  What's your sock age?  Here’s the type of history lesson I can appreciate! 



1950's Bobby Socks – Girls you know those little socks you wore to the sock hop!  Twirling in your poodle skirts and Mary Janes, offers these adorable ankle socks.  The Gold Toe Women's Classic Anklet will take you right back on the dance floor.    



1960’s Mod – Tights were the thing!  Super short dresses and skirts with opaque solid or printed tights were on all the ladies who admired Twiggy.  Try the Smartwool Mirrored Footless Tight for an updated twist on this classic look.


1970’s Tube Socks – Sure you may have worn them in gym class, the basketball stars wore them as well.  They are still hot, hot, hot and trending in very different ways and Amazing Socks has them on sale.  Wigwam King Tube socks come in all the colors you need. 

1980’s Slouch Socks – I did it, I’ll admit it.  I may have tight rolled my favorite jeans and wore one, ok two pairs of Wigwam 622 Slouch socks in school.  They were not just loved by aerobic superstars and fitness queens, they were everywhere!



1990’s Knee Socks – Thanks to the Clueless girls, this street trend became very popular.  The once staple of private school uniforms was transformed and has never been the same.  Smartwool makes the ever classic Trellis Knee High Sock as well as other fun prints. 




Today you still can find all these trends and more. For the daring, super confident, ultra sassy gal I would click on over to Sock it to Me for the latest statement…Over the knee!  From stripes to solids, moustaches to monkey you will definitely make a statement!


So, what's your favorite look?  Don't worry your pretty little head off because the past is not anymore, Amazing Socks has all these styles available all the time!



Discover Sock Week

Lock up your seals, it’s Shark Week again. Yes, time for Discovery’s annual campaign of drumming up irrational fear and loathing of these misunderstood and fascinating creatures. Although Discovery would have you believe danger is lurking and calamity awaits each time you dip a toe, the fact is, more people die annually from falling icicles than shark attacks but I suspect “Icicle Week” wouldn’t pull in the ratings….But I digress…I will always root for the seal or sea turtle to escape the steely toothed trap of Air Jaws. Seals and turtles are cute; sharks are not. But shark socks are.  Just like wearing the jersey of your favorite hometeam while watching the game, pull on these socks and prop up your feet for added joy while reveling in tales of the legendary Megalodon.

These crew height socks pull up high enough to wrap the little guys’ jaws around your lower calf. Now if this was a real shark, not being fond of the taste of we humans, he’d spit your legs back out, but no worries, these socks will stay on and stay up in place.

These socks only come in gray of course with a soft white underbelly, little dorsal fins and lifeless eyes….black eyes, like a doll’s eyes. Just don’t block their little gills when you cross your feet!!

You know who has this cool little pair? Go check them out, really, it's totally safe to surf 😉