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Back to School – Socks that will make the grade!

Back to school time is quickly approaching.  I’m sure you are all busy buying new pens, pencils, notebooks and backpacks.  After all the supplies are purchased and new clothes are hung, double check and make sure you remembered the new socks!

Amazing Socks has the perfect socks for all the kids going back to school this year.  The kid’s Smartwool Light Sock is the pint size version of the popular light hiker.  This is a terrific everyday crew sock with a medium cushion and flat knit instep, ideal for those who choose to walk to school.  Check out Kids Smartwool Socks for some other great styles, like the Girl’s Cable Knee High Socks, which are perfect for uniforms.  For the little ones who are fussy with their feet and get easily annoyed by toe seams, you both will find comfort with Trimfit Socks.  The hand-linked Comfortoe seams will ease those little feet from aching throughout the day.   The cushiony foot of Thorlo Kid's Sport Crew helps protect against shock, impact and abrasion.  These are a must have for gym class or playground fun. 

Another new school year also means the beginning of team sports and recreation as well.  When your soccer stars run onto the field, their team spirit and personality will shine in Red Lion socks.  The Celebrity Stars or Revolution Tie Dye socks are popular choices amongst teams.  As always you can find these and many more styles at unbeatable prices at






Last week, The Sock Company / Amazing Socks moved all the way … down the street!  It was all hands on deck and these normally well-manicured hands got down and dirty.  Day 1, I learned my first sock lesson, wear them!  Yep, there I was packing up my desk, kicked the computer and sliced my toe.  No worries, the flip flops survived, so did my toe.  Nothing a bandage, two Advil and a pair of sneakers wouldn't heal over the next few days.   That’s right friends, the next day I pulled out my favorite socks, Wrightsock Double Layer Anti Blister Coolmesh II Tab Socks.  I personally like a low profile sock with a tab, no slipping down into my shoes please!  On any other day I would brag about the CoolMesh fabric and the Anti-Blister protection, but now I can really appreciate the double layer technology for another reason.  With my toes literally taped together, this sock kept my feet cool and dry throughout the day as I was moving around.  I was worried of the tape causing the inner layer to bunch and create another issue, but was perfection!  The best part was the move lasted a few days and I got to sport the new fun colors that just so happened to match my sneakers.

Throughout the next few days, I unpacked, lifted and tore up so many boxes that I was grateful to have a pair of the Ironclad Women's Tuff-Chix Work Gloves handy to protect my hands.  These gloves are awesome!  They are designed to fit the contours of a woman’s hand, have seamless fingertips and a padded palm.  Oh, and they come in pink!   

I am settled into the new space and love that I can this sock story with you all.  The phone number is still the same, the merchandise is still Amazing and we are here to help.  Visit us at    


Get Clouded Up….

Welcome a 5 star spa experience into your home with World’s Softest Short Hooded Robe. The World’s Softest  robe is a luxurious experience that makes you feel like you’re being caressed by velvety clouds. This robe is plush and cuddly both inside and out.  it offers an oversized hood, deep pockets and cuffed sleeves for a cozy fit. Embrace yourself in the softest robe on Earth, especially after a long hot de-stressing bath in peace and quiet. You might not ever want to get dressed!

If you feel like spreading the happy down to your toes, World’s Softest Socks offers up the same fluffiness in their Spa Socks. Available in a variety of fun, soft colors the Spa Socks are the perfect complement to their robe. Such a tranquil experience for the skin. All you’ll need is a good book along with a “Do Not Disturb” sign. These socks are equally soft, fluffy, stretchy and perfectly wonderful to sleep in to keep your toes warm and comfy through the night. Even for those who tend to experience leg swelling, these socks are a great choice as they are non-binding, meaning no tight welt top, so they won’t dig into skin. Reversible fabric remains soft on inside and outside.

World’s Softest is all about creating the softest fabrics possible and quality. They are a company dedicated to delivering an unique comfort experience like no other. Something as simple as a robe or a great pair of socks turns into a trusty go-to item you won’t want to do without. Much like a beloved old sweatshirt or those perfectly broken in jeans. It will be a staple.

Both robe and socks are available at a discount through Amazing Socks. Treat your feet and get wrapped up in a robe today!!!


Puddle jump in style!

Do you get irritated when the kids run through puddles, soaking their brand new shoes?  Did you get all dressed for work today to step out into a down pour?  Walking through the rain doesn't have to be so troublesome.  Kamik Boots "respect your feet" and have the answers to all your wet woes.  They make waterproof rubber boots that are 100% recyclable and have a removable Comfort footbed.  Kids love the color choices for the Stomp Waterproof Rain Boots and Mom's won't mind the little ones stomping in the puddles, because they are sure to stay dry in these boots.  

Ladies you will go gaga over the fashionable choices you have with Kamik Boots as well.  The Heidi Waterproof Rain Boots are shiny and sleek black, giving them a patent leather look.  These are great for work or for on the go fancy feet.  The Kamik Olivia Waterproof Rain Boots have a more casual look with a decorative side buckle.  These are perfect for when the dog wants to drag you thru puddles or muddy trails. 

Of course you can find these boots and many others great brands at Amazing Socks.  The Kamik Boots are currently on sale – check it out!


How ’bout them RED socks?

No, not the RED SOX!  As a loyal NY Yankee fan, I can assure you I would not dedicate an entire blog to those guys.  However, I do need to discuss the infatuation with men and their desire for red socks.  Here in the Amazing Socks office we get lots of phone calls.  Some call looking for sock advice, to place orders, or to check on the status of orders, but others call looking for specific socks.. RED socks!  I decided to start asking questions.  It’s not every day that someone calls for these particular socks, but now I am curious and did a little research.

Some men will don a pair of red socks with their pinstripe suit for that "once seen never forgotten" statement.  Others feel strong and powerful.  I have also heard it’s for luck.  One man even told me "it's just because I like red."  After doing some googling and research I found that this particular style is very popular amongst the British.   I personally like the fashion statement you guys are making and am happy to have a few choices here at Amazing Socks.

World's Softest Sock has the classic crew and lower cut styles available in red and are the most popular choice here to date.  They are currently on sale for 30%  off the suggested retail price. 

Whatever the reason you may have for sporting the red socks, whether it is for luck, power or the devil inside you, wear them well!






A Soft Lesson in Compression

You’re on your feet all the live long day. Your legs are tired and they ache and they continue to keep swelling and throbbing. You really just can’t wait to punch out and go home and put your feet up and get the blood flowing.  But…you're only halfway through your workday and must suffer through the rest of it…..It doesn’t have to be like this. Prevent your feet and legs from getting sore and tired in the first place. There’s a type of sock that’s made to combat leg fatigue. Having any job where you must stand for long periods of time increases pressure on leg veins, leading to varicose veins. Whether you spend your days as a physician or a cashier, varicose veins can easily creep in. Although varicose veins usually aren't serious, they can sometimes lead to other problems.


To help prevent these veins from forming, compression hosiery is recommended. Unlike traditional dress or athletic stockings and socks, compression stockings use stronger elastics to create significant pressure on the legs, ankles and feet. While it’s always best to get doctor recommended advice on what level of compression will serve you best, a very good entry level compression sock to start with is the World’s Softest Sensitive Feet Support Over the Calf Sock. Light compression at top transferred to maximum compression at ankle encourages healthy blood flow and increased circulation. Non-cushioned tops are designed to stay up without binding or sagging down which both can be quite bothersome. Lightly cushioned sole helps reduce pressure underfoot while absorbing shock. These socks promote better circulation while you are stuck standing — or sitting — for hours on end.


These socks can be purchased at a discount with super fast shipping  through Amazing Socks.

Try a pair of World’s Softest Sensitive Feet Support Over the Calf Socks and ease the pressure off your legs and your mind!


Thorlo Socks for everyone!

If you have yet to try a pair of Thorlo Socks, there is no better time than now.  These socks have been engineered to help and support feet that hurt.  Thorlo Socks have been clinically proven to reduce blisters, foot pain, pressures and moisture.  In fact, the people at Thorlo have gone above and beyond to provide their customers with the most technological feedback to support these claims.

Ever wonder why your feet hurt so bad?  The answer could be right there at the bottom of your feet.  Did you know that the fat pads on the bottom of your feet get thinner with time and eventually start losing their protective properties?  It’s true!  Take a look a baby’s foot and notice how cute and pudgy they are, now look at yours.  Research has shown that by the age of 50, most active people will have lost half the fat padding under the balls and heels of their feet.


Thorlo Socks are the answer to your tired, achy feet.  The padding is strategically placed in the right anatomical places to provide superior protection for the ball and heel, leaving your feet feeling years younger.  Amazing Socks has for Thorlos everyone, for very activity.  Runners, basketball players, tennis pros, and hikers can all benefit from this distinctive padding.  Visit us here at where you can find the perfect pair of Thorlo Socks at a great price!   

The high quality cushion on these socks is amazing.  Your feet will feel more comfortable with your Thorlos on.  They provide both comfort and support for all your activities.  – See more at:
The high quality cushion on these socks is amazing.  Your feet will feel more comfortable with your Thorlos on.  They provide both comfort and support for all your activities.  – See more at:

The high quality cushion on these socks is amazing.  Your feet will feel more comfortable with your Thorlos on.  They provide both comfort and support for all your activities.  – See more at:


Tour de Socks

If you are an avid cyclist you know the right equipment necessary to make your ride the most comfortable.  Whether it’s the actual bike, the perfect helmet, shoes and even the right clothing all these factors can make or break your trip.  Believe it or not even your socks are important.  I know, who cares about having the right socks when you’re cycling, your feet don’t even touch the ground, right?  

Allow me to point out some things you probably haven’t thought of until now.  If your socks are too loose and don’t hug the foot, they will bunch up and cause irritation and blisters.  If you don’t choose socks with moisture wicking fibers, sweat will build up causing discomfort and cold feet.  Whether you are cycling competitively or for pleasure, choosing the right sock will help your performance. 

Amazing Socks offers a wide range of cycling socks, one to suit everyone’s needs.  A cycling sock offers extra cushioning in high impact areas and a snug non-slip fit to stay in position.  SockGuy socks are the choice of many professionals, especially those with personality.  The socks in this line offer the “Stretch to Fit” sizing system.  They also have an exclusive “Easy Fit” cuff for a perfect fit on any foot.  Made with ultra-wicking micro denier acrylic for comfort and dryness, they also come in a range of fun prints to suit any personality.  Check out the Spicy Cycle & Run Sock, how’s that for a HOT statement!  Want a more technical choice?  Drymax Cycle Quarter Crew is ultra-light, designed with Dual Layer Moisture Removal System to keep feet dry.  This sock is also enhanced with a natural odor defense.  Smartwool PhD Cycle Mini Crew uses Merino wool, which may seem like an odd choice, however the wool is spun soft, forming a densely cushioned sock that is not only durable but temperature regulated. 

So, whether you cycle for pleasure, transportation, or competitively, protecting your feet and keeping them dry and comfortable will enhance your performance.  Dry feet are happy feet.  They will work harder, pedal faster and take you places! will help you get these socks at great everyday prices. 

No More Stinky Feet!

Let’s face the facts it happens to all of us, Stinky Feet Syndrome.

I’m certainly not a doctor, but I may be able to offer some much needed help.  Firstly, you will probably have to throw away those stinky running sneakers, or your favorite loafers.  I am not a magician either, but what I can do is offer some ideas to prevent odor in the future. 

There are socks on the market that are made with specific fibers to stop odor in their tracks.  Drymax has developed the MicroZap antimicrobial fiber for long term odor control.  The fiber is infused into all their socks and it committed to preforming for the life of the sock.   Other manufacturers use Odor Guard, like Wigwam for example, in the At Work Double Duty Ultimate Work Socks which is an outstanding work sock for maximum durability.  Fox River uses X-Static® in some of their socks which is naturally antimicrobial and will help prevent odor as well.  Try the Fox River X-Static Xpanse Crew to experience the dry, comfort, and odor free benefits.    

Amazing Socks also offers a new product, StinkFree Shoe & Gear Spray  which is a miracle in and of itself.  Spray this in stinky running sneakers, work boots and ladies.. even those ballet flats!  It works wonders even with sporting gear as well. 

Mid-Summer Getaway

Here we are in the middle of the Summer.  What have you done?  Have you taken any exotic vacations?  Maybe you spend a couple of days at the lake or the beach.  Looking for a fun idea?  Go camping!! Pack up the kids, take along a friend or make it a romantic getaway with your honey.  Before loading up the car and taking off make you take a look at all the great tools at to make this camping adventure the best one ever!          

Amazing Socks definitely stands by its name when they say “We’re Not Just Socks.”  Navigate your way through the site and uncover all your camping essentials.  A complete line of tents and sleeping bags from Eureka will ensure a good night rest while keeping you protected from the wilderness.  Scroll over to the Coghlans section and find every gadget and accessory you will need, from keeping the bugs away to cookware and utensils.  And as always, you will be pleasantly suprised at the remarkable prices!     

But,  if you are anything like me and camping & the wilderness is just not your thing, don’t worry!  Just step out into your backyard, grab a good book and relax in the Eagle Nest Hammock.  Light a couple of citronella candles to keep the bugs away and enjoy.   If you rather sunbathe, hit the pool or beach with the Eureka Curvy Lounger and soak up the sunshine!   

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!