Back to School – Socks that will make the grade!

Back to school time is quickly approaching.  I’m sure you are all busy buying new pens, pencils, notebooks and backpacks.  After all the supplies are purchased and new clothes are hung, double check and make sure you remembered the new socks!

Amazing Socks has the perfect socks for all the kids going back to school this year.  The kid’s Smartwool Light Sock is the pint size version of the popular light hiker.  This is a terrific everyday crew sock with a medium cushion and flat knit instep, ideal for those read more


Last week, The Sock Company / Amazing Socks moved all the way … down the street!  It was all hands on deck and these normally well-manicured hands got down and dirty.  Day 1, I learned my first sock lesson, wear them!  Yep, there I was packing up my desk, kicked the computer and sliced my toe.  No worries, the flip flops survived, so did my toe.  Nothing a bandage, two Advil and a pair of sneakers wouldn't heal over the next few days.   That’s right friends, the next read more

Get Clouded Up….

Welcome a 5 star spa experience into your home with World’s Softest Short Hooded Robe. The World’s Softest  robe is a luxurious experience that makes you feel like you’re being caressed by velvety clouds. This robe is plush and cuddly both inside and out.  it offers an oversized hood, deep pockets and cuffed sleeves for a cozy fit. Embrace yourself in the softest robe on Earth, especially after a long hot de-stressing bath in peace and quiet. You might not ever want to get dressed!

If you feel like spreading the happy read more

Puddle jump in style!

Do you get irritated when the kids run through puddles, soaking their brand new shoes?  Did you get all dressed for work today to step out into a down pour?  Walking through the rain doesn't have to be so troublesome.  Kamik Boots "respect your feet" and have the answers to all your wet woes.  They make waterproof rubber boots that are 100% recyclable and have a removable Comfort footbed.  Kids love the color choices for the Stomp Waterproof Rain Boots and Mom's won't mind the little ones read more

How ’bout them RED socks?

No, not the RED SOX!  As a loyal NY Yankee fan, I can assure you I would not dedicate an entire blog to those guys.  However, I do need to discuss the infatuation with men and their desire for red socks.  Here in the Amazing Socks office we get lots of phone calls.  Some call looking for sock advice, to place orders, or to check on the status of orders, but others call looking for specific socks.. RED socks!  I decided to start asking questions.  It’s not every day read more

A Soft Lesson in Compression

You’re on your feet all the live long day. Your legs are tired and they ache and they continue to keep swelling and throbbing. You really just can’t wait to punch out and go home and put your feet up and get the blood flowing.  But…you're only halfway through your workday and must suffer through the rest of it…..It doesn’t have to be like this. Prevent your feet and legs from getting sore and tired in the first place. There’s a type of sock that’s made to combat read more

Thorlo Socks for everyone!

If you have yet to try a pair of Thorlo Socks, there is no better time than now.  These socks have been engineered to help and support feet that hurt.  Thorlo Socks have been clinically proven to reduce blisters, foot pain, pressures and moisture.  In fact, the people at Thorlo have gone above and beyond to provide their customers with the most technological feedback to support these claims.

Ever wonder why your feet hurt so bad?  The answer could be right there at the bottom of your feet.  read more

Mid-Summer Getaway

Here we are in the middle of the Summer.  What have you done?  Have you taken any exotic vacations?  Maybe you spend a couple of days at the lake or the beach.  Looking for a fun idea?  Go camping!! Pack up the kids, take along a friend or make it a romantic getaway with your honey.  Before loading up the car and taking off make you take a look at all the great tools at to make this camping adventure the best one ever! read more

No More Stinky Feet!

Let’s face the facts it happens to all of us, Stinky Feet Syndrome.

I’m certainly not a doctor, but I may be able to offer some much needed help.  Firstly, you will probably have to throw away those stinky running sneakers, or your favorite loafers.  I am not a magician either, but what I can do is offer some ideas to prevent odor in the future. 

There are socks on the market that are made with specific fibers to stop odor in their tracks.  Drymax has developed the MicroZap read more

Tour de Socks

If you are an avid cyclist you know the right equipment necessary to make your ride the most comfortable.  Whether it’s the actual bike, the perfect helmet, shoes and even the right clothing all these factors can make or break your trip.  Believe it or not even your socks are important.  I know, who cares about having the right socks when you’re cycling, your feet don’t even touch the ground, right?  

Allow me to point out some things you probably haven’t thought of until read more