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So, you need new socks.  You jumped online and found yourself at and you don't know what is what.  Well, first of all let me congratulate you for finding the right place to shop!!  Dont' be overwhelmed, it's really quite convenient once you get started.  The features are constantly being updated making it easier to find exactly what you need. 

The highlighted banner at the top of the home page will quickly become your best friend when looking for the newly added read more

The Blister Battle

Battling blisters can be a painful and tedious annoyance that interferes with obtaining personal fitness goals. Sweat is one factor that leaves your skin prone to develop these little enemies. Friction is the other. Sweat softens your skin, making it very vulnerable when feet rub against the inside of your shoes or sneakers. This friction leads to blistering. Your socks are your first line of defense. Forget cotton socks. Forget tube socks. What you need is a top quality sock that offers a proper fit with wicking read more

Not Just for Diabetics…..

If you’ve ever tried to search for a good pair of non-binding socks, the most common suggestion you probably happened upon was diabetic socks. You might think these type of socks are reserved only for those afflicted with diabetes, but that’s not the case. Many people who are not diabetic deal with everyday leg swelling stemming from several factors, one of them being as a result of these unforgiving hot summer days. Tight elastic welt top that are very common on most socks can dig into skin as read more

Get Crafty with a Sock Monkey!

You may have seen the popular car commercial featuring a couple of Sock Monkeys cruising around the city in their fun new car then heading off to get some new tattoos. These dolls have been around for ages and keep gaining popularity. Crafters just love them and for little kids, well, they seem to have replaced the traditional “security blanket.” If you’re wondering where you can get a couple of these cute guys, the best way — and most rewarding way— is to just make them yourself! Sock Monkeys are read more

Do Something Smart for Yourself!

My first pair of SmartWool socks was a gift from a friend who, when the subject arose, would often say “Oh, I won’t wear anything but SmartWool on my feet,” or “This was my best Christmas ever, I got a whole stocking filled with SmartWool socks!” I didn’t get her enthusiasm over these socks until she gave me a pair for my birthday.

If there’s one thing you learn from wearing your first Smartwool’s, it’s from then on, you only want to wear Smartwool’s.

The magical element read more

5 Reasons why Injinji Toe Socks are for you!

You've probably seen them and thought .. what the heck is on their feet?  Toe socks are those funny looking socks that look like gloves on your feet.  The benefits, however, not so funny.  Injinji is the top manufacturer of these socks and have been pleasing athletes for over 10 years.  Check out the great benefits of these socks.

     1. Anatomical 5 toe sleeve design properly aligns toes, prevents blisters and promotes proper read more

Where’s the cotton?

If you have ever called us here at the office and asked for cotton socks you may have heard some surprising information about your "beloved" cotton socks.  If you have called looking for cotton Diabetic Socks you may have gotten quite the lecture as well.  No, no we are not the sock police.  We just know how to keep those feet healthy, you got places to go!

Let me start off by saying, I love cotton.  It's nature's fabric.  It’s “the fabric of our read more

Can you feel the squeeze?

More and more athletes are benefitting from compression wear during and post workouts.  The primary reason for wearing compression sportswear is to keep muscles warm and prevent fatigue and strain.  In particular compression socks increase blood flow in the legs which tend to pool due to gravity.  Compression tights and other gear also help improve performance, relieve pain from muscle stiffness and reduce recovery time.  Amazing Socks offers popular brands like 2XU, CW-X, McDavid, Jobst, Smartwool for read more

Enjoy Safe Travels with TravelSox!!

Travel Socks are essential when you travel, as they play an important role during long-haul flights. However, there are still some people who feel skeptical about the use of flight socks. Why not wear your regular, casual socks? What’s the difference anyway? Inactivity causes blood flow to slow in the deep veins of the lower legs…Simply put, travel socks help prevent potentially very serious medical conditions that you may experience from long plane rides.

Travel Socks do more than just prevent your read more

Treat Dad like a king this Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is June 16 and Amazing Socks has the perfect gifts to make Dad’s day special. Stumped on what to get dear old Dad? We have the answers here, as We’re Not Just Socks!!

Is he a businessman or an outdoorsman?

The most distinguished gentlemen enjoy the dress socks offered by Smartwool and Gold Toe. Styles range from crew to over the calf heights with patterns including argyle, stripes or solids depending on his taste. Every man loves his slippers and paper in the morning, how about treating Dad to read more